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Botox gegen Migräne/Migränetherapie

Botox gegen Migräne (Migränetherapie) und Spannungskopfschmerz bei Dr. Chichakli

Botox gegen Migräne/Migränetherapie




Botox gegen Migräne/Migränetherapie

Botox gegen Migräne (Migränetherapie) und Spannungskopfschmerz bei Dr. Chichakli

Many people suffer from migraines and tension pains, often heavy medication must be used to relieve pain. Headaches can have many different causes. If serious causes are excluded, headaches can now be treated well, greatly improving the quality of life of those affected.

Drug treatment
There are now well-tolerated substances that can help with both mild and moderate as well as severe migraine attacks.

Complementary Measures
Migraine attacks usually have several triggers. As a preventative measure, it is important to know these triggers and to avoid them as much as possible. The triggers are very individual, so it is advisable to keep a migraine diary in which the patient notes the attacks. As with many other diseases, stress also has a negative effect on migraines. Relaxation training and sports, especially endurance sports, can bring relief.

In recent years, a positive effect of Botox injections has been widely observed in migraine and headache patients, since Botox blocks the transmission of excitation from the nerves to the muscles.

Therapy with Botox can reduce or stop the number and intensity of migraine attacks as Botox blocks the transmission of nerve impulses to the muscles. There are certain exit sites of nerves on the forehead, the temples, the back of the head and the neck treated. In migraine, certain nerves in the face and head are compressed by the surrounding muscles. Relaxing these muscles with Botox results in a significant relief of migraine symptoms.


Cost of Botox treatment for migraine / migraine therapy

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