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Dr. Najib Chichakli


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“Each person is special and brings different requirements with himself. My philosophy as an aesthetic surgeon is the individual approach to every patient. The personality and the character of the face and body are in the foreground. It’s about the work-to-measure ‘- this is the future of aesthetic medicine, “Dr. Najib Chichakli

As a Specialist in Plastic, Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery with many years of experience, I am pleased to welcome you in my practice in the heart of Vienna’s city center. 
In a personal meeting, I can make an accurate diagnosis, give you professional advice and recommend the appropriate treatment.

I clarify on what you need to consider before treatment, which potential risks may be associated with it and how long the healing process might take.
In my practice the most modern equipment of the latest generation of treatments and post-treatments after surgery are available,

to meet your individual needs and achieve customized, harmonious results.

The aim is: a radiant, healthy and above all an aesthetic appearance that does not look fake but, natural, and beautiful.

As a speaker at national and international conferences, I have been dealing intensely with the latest techniques and developments in plastic and aesthetic surgery. Being always up to date and having the most advanced techniques are my tools to offer you best service and quality.

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Special Knowledge

Dr. Najib Chichakli comes from a family with Syrian roots, in which the medical profession has a long tradition.

He graduated from the University Clinic in Vienna (Studies of human medicine) and graduated with distinction as a doctor of general medicine. Following Dr. Chichakli graduated in various training stations such as:
Brazil, Rio de Janeiro: Clinica Interplastica Hakmeh Clinic, Pitanguy Clinic and internship in Austria, Salzburg with Professor Pope, in France, Paris with Professor Marchac, Dr. Le Louarn, Dr. Francoise Firmin and Dr. Cornette de Saint. Took off in Germany, Stuttgart under Professor Gubisch as well as at Emory University in Atlanta with Prof Bostwick in research and at the same time the American license check.

Dr. Chichakli completed his special training in plastic, aesthetic and reconstructive surgery in Wilhelminen Hospital in Vienna. His main trainings were: Microsurgery in the Wilhelminen Hospital, Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery of the face (nose, upper eyelids), cleft lip and palate, breast surgery and anti-aging.

He expands his extensive experience in all areas of plastic, aesthetic and reconstructive surgery by running through studies at home and abroad. Thus he allows his patients access to the latest techniques and developments.

Dr. Chichakli has his own medical cosmetics line in which he has invested three years of research to get the latest ingredients and formulas offer.

  • Member of Austrian Society for Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery
  • Member of the European Society of Facial Plastic
  • Member of the European Society of Plastic Rhino
  • Member of International Association for Aesthetic Surgery
  • Member of ISAPS (International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery)

Jugendlicher Look – dank dem einzigartigen Global Beauty Konzept von Dr. Najib Chichakli.

The aging process takes place at different levels. It comes to the loss of moisture, the skin becomes drier and thinner. The circulation deteriorates, the bone mass decreases. Elasticity and volume gets lost and thereby wrinkles appear.

The global beauty concept is a therapeutic approach that can treat multiple levels simultaneously and therfore it is holistic, multilayered and causal. Regardless of whether it is face or body – A contour, shape or silhouette is restored aesthetically.

“We can not stop it, but it may delay the aging process for at least ten years. Our goal is to create a clean, fresh and youthful look. As if you would recover from a vacation” said Dr. Chichakli


Dr. univ. med. Najib Chichakli
Consultant for plastic, aesthetic and reconstructive surgery in vienna

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